1. Higher Destiny

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Higher Destiny

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Originally recorded in early 2016 along with 2 other songs, this track was like a meeting of minds done shortly after we met St. Louis. He and Crane used the track to layout some of their views on life and beyond.


(St. Louis Gibbor)
I write raps like these for
cats like me
I've got it settled in my mind not everybody's going to feel this

Put it behind me
Whether if you dig me or despise me
I'll keep transcribing
Speak as the oracles with perfect timing

Yall find me rhyming
Shining in every session
Leaving longer lasting impressions than 430 years of oppression

What a blessing
Without the validation of a yes man
Testing microphones screaming out Jesus is Lord
No question

Yeah that's me
That's what I'm on
With all the subtlety of Godzilla tiptoeing through Taiwan peddling pipe bombs

With my sights on the unseen
Some might even say
It seems so utterly senseless with me serving my Sensei

But since they don't know and won't know if it don't show
I die daily to self's agenda take out my cross and go where they won't go

My peoples are destroyed and living wrong because they think wrong
So I lace these lines with life in hopes they catch on in the song

And so I spread hope
In hopes of breaking this world's vicious choke-hold
On every youngster seeking identity in their clothes logos

Drunk on Revelation trailblazing inhale the smoke slow
What you don't knows the very reason you living solo

Come along with me
Through eyes of faith now we can clearly see
From God’s perspective there’s a higher path for me
I let go of the ghetto and took hold of my higher destiny

I felt like I was
searching for something for so long still I never found it
Surrounded by the sound of self-doubt till I made it out it
Took some time took some energy and effort
Took me fallen down a few times to get the right message

Images not as rich is real substance
Ridiculous consumption of this Oz wizardry that’s running
The world around us that the medias portraying
Information mixed with misinformation every day and

No need to chase what we were born with to start
Till people made us doubt that we have courage brains and heart
Or enough of each so we can get to where we’re going
Seeds within ourselves that if we feed right, will keep growing

And stay producing, fruitful from being useful
Been paying dues in my life I’m plenty used to
The hard work that it takes my collar still blue
Fuck dollar bills seeking values instilled through

My family self experience and good books
Divine connection to this universe take a good look
We’re swimming in the truth while drowning our sorrows
But now we’re here to teach kids to fish to fix tomorrow

So come along with me
Through eyes of faith now we can clearly see
Through God’s perspective there’s a higher path for me
I’ve been down since the get go now seeking out my higher destiny
yes sir